Be Adventurous and Keep Cool at Attitash Mountain Resort

We were guests of Attitash Mountain Resort to enjoy some adventure while we were visiting New Hampshire. Regardless, all opinions are my own.

When I was growing up, we used to head to the North Conway at least once or twice a year. We used to stay right along the Attitash Mountain Resort Area. Visiting again with my own family so many years later brought back some fantastic memories. It also reminded me of what a chicken I was. Instead of skiing in the winter, I would opt to babysit my younger cousins and instead of going on some of the more daring rides, I sat on the sidelines. Silly me! You see the Airbag Jump below that my son jumped off? You could have never gotten me on that thing!

Well, my son is nothing like I was at his age at all. He just can’t get enough adventure and for goodness sake, it’s about time I took him to Attitash. They’ve added a ton of new fun things to do over the years, it’s not even funny! I honestly barely recognize the place… with the exception of their Alpine Slide which I distinctly remember being ridiculed at how slow I was going down the mountain! True story!

As you can see, he doesn’t mind challenging himself and climbing rock walls. (And I don’t mind cheering him on from far below.) Out of the few he climbed this summer, he liked this one the best because it was realistic rock unlike a lot of places that use plastic walls. He got up this one a little easier, it seems that those are easier to slip and slide off.

Now after climbing rock walls and jumping into a giant airbag, you might want to cool off a bit. Luckily Attitash Mountain Resort knows this, that is why they have several different water options. For the very little kids they have Buddy Bears Play Pool and then for the older kids and adults they have the Sidewinder where you ride down on a raft or tube then they also have Aquaboggan. On this ride you sit on a mat and slide down your choice of three different waterslides. As you can see, my son sure enjoyed this alot. I honestly didn’t think he would ever want to get off. Finally he tired of walking up to the top each time.

Just when I thought he was completely tired out for the day, we happened upon this little creation. As silly as it seemed, it sure attracted a ton of people. The whole HOUR that we ended up staying there while my son tried to get across without falling, not one person accomplished this feat. It was hilarious! It was like one of those annoying things that seems like it should be easy, but it’s totally not. So funny seeing kids and adults try to do it and all fail. It was a fun way to wrap up our afternoon.

Don’t miss out on the fun this summer! Get more information about Attitash Mountain Resort located in Bartlett, NH.

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  1. Looks like it is a fun place. I’m more of a waterpark person than a rockclimbing/trampoline jumping gal!

  2. ha! i haven’t been to attitash in 20 years but i remember those water slides. the rest is all new- but what fun!

  3. WOW what a great place—-my kids would love to go there and quite frankly so would I–looks like awhole bunch of fun things to do–great pictures!! thanks for sharing

  4. What a great vacation spot!
    I am adding it to our list!

  5. Oh wow! The kids would have an absolute blast at this place.

  6. looks like such a fun place… you guys must have had a blast. Soo jealous.. one day, I know.. one day I will be able to go and check it out. Will have to pin it and add to my bucket list… loved your post, made me feel like I was there with you guys. Thanks for sharing

  7. christy karch says:

    what a cool looking place for kids and ive never heard of it. great to keep kids active and busy looks like fun for all.

  8. I’ve heard of Attitash and it’s on our list for when the babies are a little bit older! Sounds amazing!

  9. This looks fun! I want to go but I’ll need to make sure adults can go alone. Lol I don’t want to look like Peter Pan

  10. I used to go to sleepaway camp in NH. It’s such a beautiful part of the country!

  11. Now that place looks FUN! I haven’t heard of Attitash Mountain Resort but from your pictures, I want to go!

  12. I love the airbag jump. I have always wanted to try that.