Tasty Burritos Your Way in the Berkshires at Hot Harry’s

From time to time Adventure Yum is provided with travel products and services for review purposes. The opinions expressed about my visit to Hot Harry’s in the Berkshires are mine.

On our recent trip to the Berkshire’s area in Massachusetts, I scoped out a burrito restaurant chain called Hot Harry’s. It was our first time actually stopping and visiting the area aside from just driving through to another destination. It ranges from wonderful outdoor attractions to a unique city area (Pittsfield, MA) that we were told has more recently begun thriving over the last few years.  The Hot Harry’s location we visited is right in the hot spot of the city where there is a lot happening and people hustling and bustling and enjoying their day.


We made Hot Harry’s our very first stop when we arrived in town with our very large appetites. We were graciously welcomed by the owner Samir, which was really awesome after a long drive in the car.  We really love trying Mexican foods and ethnic cuisine in general, so this was like an adult candy store. With all of the filling options you could probably go everyday for a couple of months and come up with something unique to eat each time.  You can opt to build your own burrito or “Streaker” which is basically all the fillings on a plate instead of wrapped up. You can also opt for one of their many enticing entrees that are available such as Bacon Cheeseburger Burrito or Fajita Burrito or for something different, they also have tacos and quesadillas too.


We had the chance to literally try a little bit of everything and boy was it heaven.  From different varieties of chicken such as Thai and Buffalo flavored, beef, pulled pork and other specials to even a vegetarian option of tofu. We also were offered to try their special which was Catfish. Then, of course we tried all of their fresh salsas and other delicious topping options such as guacamole. Everything at Hot Harry’s is made right in store for ultimate freshness including their yummy tortilla chips which we devoured by the handful.


After our tasting session, we decided that their ground beef, pulled pork, Buffalo and Thai chicken varieties were the most tasty. We were able to pick our favorites and create our own “Streakers”. My hubby and son decided to choose the Hot Harry’s ground beef to go for a more traditional burrito taste for their base and I braved it and went for the tofu. Totally scrumptious when all of our favorite picks were all on one plate.


I would highly recommend  stopping in next time you are near a Hot Harry’s location! If you stop by in Pittsfield, MA on 37 North Street. Be sure to tell the owner that we said hi!

Hot Harry’s is located in Massachusetts, New York and Iowa. They’re also opening in Boston soon too! Visit Hot Harry’s to find a location near you.

Do you like trying new foods?

What is your favorite Burrito filling?


  1. oh, i loooooooooooooooooooooooooove me some burritos!! this isn’t super far from us. hmmm.

  2. I had to google it before I got to the end to see if there were any in Florida. I hope soon. Looks good!

  3. That looks good! My husband was just telling me earlier today how he wanted to find some good Mexican food…

  4. I haven’t had a burrito in forever… that looks SO GOOD!!! I just like steak, cheese and sour cream. YUM!!!!

  5. Dawn, you find the best places to eat. I need to travel with you!

  6. No fair, now I’m hungry and I’m a long way from Massachusetts! Harry, come to Oregon!

  7. I LOVE burritos, especially with sour cream and guacamole. This looks like my kind of place.

  8. I think I’ve actually been there…and if it if is the place I’m thinking, I’ve been wishing we had one near us

  9. Whitney Lindeman says:

    YUM. This sounds great! If I’m ever in the area, this will be on my list! 🙂

  10. I work across the street says:

    We don’t know each other–I work across the street from Hot Harry’s in Pittsfield. Thanks for your sharing your review with the world. However, I can’t disagree more with your comments. This restaurant is a disgrace to real taquerias, not just because of the total lack of authenticity but because of the inconsistent and low-quality food. And I’ve given Hot Harry’s several chances. The tortillas are gummy messes. They are loaded with too much rice that is inconsistent in quality, ranging from too hard to overcooked and chewy. The vegetable burrito consists of little more than onions and peppers.

    Yes, there are some interesting flavors, but I view those as gimmicks. A Buffalo Chicken burrito is a wrap with beans in it, as far as I can tell.

    In my view, a good taqueria offers high quality, thin and light tortillas; meat that has been slow-cooked until it falls off the bone (ground beef is for Taco Bell!); an array of fresh, grilled vegetables and guacamole and salsas that resemble real food; and not a lot of cheap filler. Hot Harry’s fails on every one of these.

    It’s tough to compare Pittsfield restaurants to their big city counterparts, but I suggest trying out places like Anna’s Taqueria in Boston, or Brooklyn Taco Company or Taco Mix in New York, and letting us know if you still feel this way about Hot Harry’s. Even Chipotle (owned by McDonald’s) and Boloco (a Boston-area knock-off of Chipotle) serve much higher-quality food.

    Thanks again for your comments, and best wishes.