Create Your Own Treat at Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt provided a gift card for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

Have you heard of Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt yet? Until recently I had no idea that they were located right here in Rhode Island as well as many other locations throughout the U.S. Well, I am finally glad that I did discover them and had a chance to give them a try while we were on our Spring vacay in Newport.  We totally love frozen treats, especially in warmer weather. It’s something that we love to spoil ourselves with on occasion and why not… it’s totally yummy!
Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt #NewportRIWell, we had no idea that were were in for such a fun experience as well as delicious frozen yogurt and toppings.  First off, we were totally captivated when we walked in. Everything is bright, futuristic and fun and totally a great environment for the whole family. They even have smaller seats for little kids, so cute.

Now, here’s how it works.  You actually get to pick your own container with or without a waffle cone cup, serve up your own choices of frozen yogurt flavors and then add all of your own toppings (and boy do they have a lot to choose from). Then, when you are ready you weigh your yogurt and pay by the weight.  Totally made for a whole lot of fun going through and discovering all of the different options.

orange leafThe flavored yogurt flavors were very unique and enticing. From Chocolate Cake to Wedding Cake and even Oatmeal Cookie as well as many fruity flavors too. Can you say yum? It was pretty hard not to try every single flavor although, I think my son honestly tried to.  You can also choose to swirl any two flavors that are next to each other if you want to get a little extra creative.

orange leaf 1Once you pile up your frozen yogurt, it’s time to peruse the toppings. So many awesome and also unusual options. My husband really loved that they had chocolate covered strawberries which he is in love with! He piled some right on top of his yogurt! They have fresh fruit, chocolate, candies, cereal, brownies and all different types of scrumptious options. I mean there are a TON of options, you will surely find something or twenty things that you love.

orange leaf 2

We’ll definitely choose Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt again when we have the chance, it’s just that fun and DELISH!

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  1. Now I want frozen yogurt! That looks SOOO yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have never had Orange Leaf, but yogurt bars like these are really popular out here in Minnesota. They are amazing. I love all the fresh fruit and toppings they have!

  3. We don’t have this particular chain in our area, but we do have similar chains and we love going.

  4. yummy! we moved to an area that has one near by. I need to take my daughter there

  5. They don’t have this chain in our area but I will look them up if I am in Rhode Island!

  6. Jeff Legg says:

    wow wish there was one of these around the Detroit area. Kind of like the Build a Bear of yogurt!!