Discover History, Good Eats and Adventure in Okemo Valley, Vermont

So, guess where we spent Memorial Day weekend? We had only been to Vermont once very briefly a couple of years ago and we’d been wanting to spend a little more time there to discover more of that it had to offer.  It made for the perfect weekend road trip and I can’t believe we’ve been missing out on this little gem that is jam packed with wonderful things to do from historical places to visit, unbelievable adventures to true culinary delight. I think we literally ate through Okemo Valley while we were there and I am totally okay with that.  Our visit made us realize that we truly enjoy eating delicious food and that was literally how the spark for Adventure Yum was truly born (for those of you who are new here, I upgraded the feel around here. 😉


As you drive through Vermont, you can’t help to notice the change of pace. The beautiful open space and vivid green plants, trees and grass. In Okemo Valley, you are surrounded by tree covered mountains, everywhere you look there is pure beauty to soak in. I swear the air is even more clean and pure and the people are more friendly… seriously! When we first arrived, we checked into Jackson Gore Village at Okemo Mountain Resort. This place is so incredible and really HUGE! The property is located slopeside, so the the views all around are perfect!

The first night there it was raining and quite miserable, but it was just as well. We were tired from driving and decided we’d just enjoy a nice dinner out. We wanted to try something unique so we headed off to the Cool Moose Cafe, it wasn’t just the name that reeled us in… it was the menu. They serve “Hot Black Rock” entrees? They literally give you food that is not fully cooked… on purpose! This had to be the coolest thing ever. Your food comes on a very hot volcanic rock and is still cooking while it’s in front of you. It was FUN and delish. The “boys” had steak… and I had the stuffed portabella mushroom.  If you’re ever in the area, definitely add this to your itinerary!


On our first full day there, the ever so fabulous Graf Marji, CEO of Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce picked us up for a mini Okemo Valley tour extraordinaire. I’ve never met someone so knowledgeable and passionate about her community. Within a matter of a couple of hours, I really felt the magic of the area. She whisked us away to the Calvin Coolidge Homestead which has been wonderfully preserved. It’s like stepping back in time.  One of the most wonderful features is this interactive museum exhibit where you can literally ask President Coolidge a question and he answers you. Can you see the video of him above? It is really mind blowing and an unbelievable asset and experience, especially for kids to have the chance to really delve into the past and gain an understanding of another time and place. If you are looking for a quick slice of history, you will definitely need to check this place out!

Another awesome thing to do while there is to check out their cheese factory which includes a lovely shop where you can taste some seriously amazing Vermont cheese. We had to take some home with us. It was the most unbelievably sharp cheddar cheese. We also fell in love with some Strawberry Chipotle Jam we found there. See, I told you we ate our way through the valley!


Our next stop was the Vermont Country Store and honestly this is something you just need to experience. My words will not describe the experience and do it justice. Marji explained it to us before we arrived, but we needed to see it with our own eyes. It is a very large store with a plethora of amazing things to purchase from unusual to those things that you thought were no longer sold.  And to get back to eating… you can taste samples of some delicious Vermont specialty foods as you walk throughout the store. Um, yes please.


On our way out, the smell of fresh burgers lured my hubby in. He said it was the best burger he’s had in awhile. They’re made to order right outside of the store. So, just in case you didn’t stuff yourself silly while shopping around, you can get your fill on the way out.


Our last day in VT, we headed straight to the Adventure Zone located directly at our resort to spend the day. The place is packed with unique and adventurous things to do. My son had the time of his life jumping 30 feet into the AMP Air Bag, wall climbing, bungee jumping, riding a Segway and lots more. It was crazy fun!


Once the park closed, we were ready to head home… but not without getting to try a Maple Creemee!? They came highly recommended, so we decided we just couldn’t pack up and leave without getting a taste. Really not sure what it is exactly, couldn’t quite find an exact description, looking it up online left me with more questions than answers… but it’s a yummy soft serve ice cream that is maple flavored.  It apparently must be tried when in Vermont, so who are we to question this?

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Mmm mmm mmm. Now that is what I like to call going out with a bang? Looks yummy right?


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  1. looks gorgeous- and so close by, totally a great little weekend trip. hmmmmm

  2. Thanks, Dawn! You have sold me! 🙂 I now want to eat my way through Okemo Valley. It looks good.

  3. I was so excited to see this post because I lived in Vermont for a summer. I really want to go back and take my family. 🙂

  4. I’ve never been. It looks very fun! Love that ice cream cone!

  5. This sounds and looks like it was such a fun trip!! That is so neat that the restaurant served your meal on hot volcanic rock, I’d love to see that! Glad you had fun and now I want some ice cream! 🙂

  6. What a fun trip…and that ice cream looks gorgeous!

  7. seriously, a lava rock? That is awesome! Makes me think of Ruth’s Chris steakhouse that keeps cooking on your plate, but way cooler!

  8. What a fun trip..Loved your pictures and I’m sooo ready to add Okemo Valley to our Bucket list. Thanks for sharing

  9. So fun! When I lived in upstate NY we visited Vermont quite a bit. It’s such a beautiful state!

  10. When are you going back? Because I’m going with you!

  11. That ice cream looks so good and realistic, I have to stop myself from licking the monitor!

  12. I have yet to see Vermont, but want to. From your pictures, looks like you had a great time!


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