New Hampshire: Family Friendly White Water Rafting and Dog Sledding Oh My!

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I finally did it.  I have always wanted to go white water rafting, but totally let fear of the unknown hold me back. Well, it’s done! Not only that, but the whole family came along and we had one of the best times ever! Such a wonderful and adventurous thing to do.  We were booked for the Paws & Paddles Package with Raft NH and Muddy Paws Sled Dog Kennel. Talk about a day of unique fun! Unfortunately due to the temperature and safety of the sled dogs, we didn’t partake in the sled ride… but we got to visit with some of the dogs and feed them bones. So fun! More on that later.

Raft NH White Water Rafting #MtWashingtonValley #NH

Our adventure started early in the day! We met up at the Raft NH location out in Gorham, New Hampshire with all the required accessories in tow!  We were greeted by the friendliest group of people and then fitted with all of our gear.   Our guide Larry was totally kick butt by the way(highly recommend him!).  Shortly after, we headed out by bus down to the Pontook Dam where we would take two 2.5 mile trips down as a part of this particular package.  This is geared towards a family friendly crowd, kids as young as 6 years old can participate… so you can do this too! Even if you don’t consider yourself the adventurous type.

Before heading out on the rafts, you are given instructions, rules and full safety tips. We really appreciated these because we were a bit intimidated and didn’t know what to expect.  Before we went off in the raft with our guide, I had to ask him (Larry) just what we were getting ourselves into here. He assured us that we were in good hands, recommended the best seat on the raft for me and even grabbed on to my life jacket when we hit our first wave.  It didn’t take long to feel comfortable and confident on the water.

The waves were perfect for the whole day, it was just the right amount for good smooth fun. We sure did get soaked though… so don’t let “family friendly waves” fool you.  It was seriously awesome!

Raft NH White Water Rafting #MtWashingtonValley #NH

Each time we hit the bottom of the Pontook, we were allowed some free time to get in the water. All the kids loved this, some of them jumped right in! We even played games and tried to knock the kids into the water while they fought to stay on. Most of them gave up and jumped in anyway. Good times!

Raft NH White Water Rafting #MtWashingtonValley #NH

After our two treks down the the Pontook Dam, we were bussed off to get changed into dry clothes and enjoy a fresh lunch before heading back. It was nice to have the chance to change up before arriving back at the main store front and we were certainly starving, so that was a lovely way to end our rafting adventure.

By far, the White Water Rafting Trip with Raft NH was one of the BEST things that we did while visiting the Mt. Washington Valley in New Hampshire and I would TOTALLY do it again in a heartbeat! Such a wonderful day!

After returning from our raft trip, we were to head over to the Muddy Paws Sled Dog Kennel which is about 15 minutes away in Jefferson, NH. As I mentioned earlier, we didn’t get to do a rolling dog sled ride because of their policy on the temperature. It was much too high that day for the dogs, so we opted to visit the kennel anyway to get to see what it was all about and visit with some of the dogs. Boy were they absolutely gorgeous! Look at the piercing blue eyes on this beauty!
Muddy Paws Sled Dog Kennel #MtWashingtonValley #NH
We were able to check out some of the different dog sleds that they use. One for the warmer months that rolls and then a sled for the snow as well. Very cool stuff!  Hopefully we’ll have a chance to take a ride someday. The sled ride seems like it would be absolutely amazing to do!
Muddy Paws Sled Dog Kennel #MtWashingtonValley #NH


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  1. How much fun is this! I would love to go whitewater rafting! And of course, seeing and petting the sled dogs would be fun too.

  2. So much fun! I have always wanted to try white water rafting.

  3. I have always wanted to go white water rafting, but haven’t yet. Like you, I would be super scared at first!! OMG that dog is gorgeous!!! Sucks you couldn’t go on the dog sled, but glad to hear they think of the dog’s safety in this heat! FUN STUFF!!

    • Well you went ziplining.. so I know you could do this! I agree, I was really happy to abide by the rules! It sure is a HOT summer!

  4. You sure make it sound fun! Now I want to go!

  5. My older kids would be the perfect age to go white water rafting. I bet my 12 year old son would especially enjoy it. Looks like your trip was amazing!

    • Hope you can bring them out to do it sometime, it really was an amazing time! So can’t wait to do it again!

  6. we did white water rafting once. on a date. everyone fell out of the raft at one point except me, but i bent a nail, and there was video footage of me checking my nail instead of helping people get back into the raft. HAHAHAHAAAAAAAA

  7. You are much braver than I am. While the white water rafting looks like fun, I’m not sure I could bring myself to do it.

  8. My hubby’s been talking lately about wanting to go. I haven’t gone since I was a kid!

  9. I have been only rafting once years ago, but just on the river. The white water rafting looks fun but I think I might be a little scared.

  10. I would consider the white water rafting but I’m not committing to anything, LOL! Now the dog sledding, I would do. 🙂

  11. White water rafting looks like so much fun! I’m glad you had a nice time. Hopefully I can take my family to NH for a visit someday.

  12. Ohhh WOW… this looks like sooo much fun… I want to go now!!! Thank you soo much for sharing your travel posts, I’m living through you until I get to go myself.. will pin this to my bucket list …. Great family trip…

  13. White water rafting looks SO fun! I can’t wait to take my family one day!

  14. Oh this looks like something my hubby would enjoy doing! im to much of a chicken to water raft lol