Hotel Viking is a Luxurious Place to Stay in Newport, Rhode Island

We were looking at places to stay in Newport, RI and we found Hotel Viking. I received complimentary stay to facilitate the following review, all opinions are my own.

No matter where you live, Newport Rhode Island is a wonderful place to visit for people of all ages. We live in Rhode Island and visiting the area is still exciting and fun. It makes for the perfect “staycation” even for us. You can visit and have a completely relaxing stay or a jam packed family fun visit. The options are endless. Newport is a tourist friendly town built up around some of the most breathtaking ocean views I’ve seen.

hotel vikingIn the midst of all the many things going on, places to eat, views to take in, Hotel Viking is an amazing hotel located right in the center of all the exciting happenings. We had the chance to stay at this historic and luxurious hotel for the first time and the experience couldn’t have been any more perfect! From the friendly and helpful staff to the immaculate decor and comfort of the room we stayed in… from start to finish, we were impressed.

IMG_3184When we arrived at our room for the first time, we were so excited to see how large it was. There were two pretty sizeable rooms. The first room was set up like a living room with couch, chair and large flat screen TV. This was also where we found an awesome little welcome stash of goodies. The room came packed with lots of delicious little snacks. I was also pretty stoked to see that they had a Keurig machine right in the room! Be still my heart.

My son was really excited about the surprise treats in our room, he thought that was pretty awesome! It may just have very well been the highlight of our visit.

IMG_3212There were also bottles of FIJI water left for us too. The room was really inviting and made us feel comfortable and welcome immediately upon arrival. Which, after travel… although it was a relatively short drive, is really important.

IMG_3195After scoping out the goodies, we went on to check out the sleeping arrangements. The beds in this particular hotel room were located in one room that was quite large. The beds look like a dream and were just as comfortable as they looked. Each room was decorated to immaculately. In a place like Newport with a lot of wealth and gorgeous mansions that are a popular part of the culture there, staying in a hotel like this one really compliments the whole experience.

IMG_3186My son also appreciated the bed, he really loves getting to sleep in such a large comfy bed while we are away from home. Plus, he likes being able to sleep in the same room as us. The bedroom also had a large flat screen TV which we welcomed at night before bed.

IMG_3193There was also a beautiful bureau in the bedroom and more gorgeous decor to compliment the room.

IMG_3185If I could tell you what the best thing about this suite that we stayed in at Hotel Viking, it would be the bathroom situation.  There was one full bath and 2 half baths. This gave us three separate areas to get ready in the morning as each had a mirror. I’d say one of the least  pleasant things about traveling with people is the lack of privacy in small quarters. This was not an issue here, we all had both plenty of space to breath, relax and of course get ready for the day. It was pure awesome!

IMG_3199My favorite bathroom was the one that was connected to the bedroom. I loved the decor, so classy and pretty.

IMG_3197Each shower was also equipped with hair and body product dispensers. I thought that was a really awesome touch. Less waste too! I tried the body wash and it smelled heavenly and gave me that spa feeling.  I need to find out what that is so I can purchase some! On that note, the Hotel Viking has a full spa (SpaTerre) located right in the hotel. We didn’t get a chance to enjoy it, but its perfect for a lovely spa getaway all in the same place. And this is definitely the kind of hotel you’d want to be in if you want to spoil and pamper yourself or a loved one.

IMG_3198This spacious suite was also perfect for getting a little work in, since both my hubby and myself are self employed, we have to squeeze in a little time on the computer.

IMG_3190There was a desk located in the bedroom, which was really convenient. That way you could do some business while the rest of the family could be in the living room area. Just another little touch that can offer a bit of privacy if needed.

IMG_3189In the living room area, there was also a table that we alternated use of. The living room was yet another option to use if we needed the table space.

IMG_3210Another wonderful offering at the hotel is use of their gorgeous indoor pool and whirlpool. This was another one of my son’s favorite places to hang out at the hotel. Perfect for a little relaxation. The whole area is also decked with attractive and comfortable places to lounge around.

IMG_3222You can also head up to the top of the hotel and get a unique view of Newport. Sadly, we missed this opportunity while we are there, but I can only imagine how awesome it is.

Hungry? The hotel offers room service as well as their restaurant “One Bellevue”.  Also,  on their roof deck, they also have “Top of Newport Bar” which is open seasonally.

I simply can’t say enough about the Hotel Viking. If you are ever wanting to visit the Newport, RI area. I’d highly recommend checking out this historic and immaculate location. Whether you are there on business, a spa weekend or a family getaway, you will find everything you need. Getting married? You can also get married right at the hotel. They even have their own chapel!

Want more information about Hotel Viking in Newport, RI? Visit their website or contact page.


-> Have you ever been to Newport, RI?

-> Are you planning any vacations this summer?

-> What do you look for in a hotel before booking?


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