Incredible Aerial Adventures and Fun at Cranmore Mountain Adventure Park

We were guests of Cranmore Mountain Adventure Park located in North Conway, New Hampshire, all opinions are my own.

Just in case you were under the impression that New Hampshire adventures only revolved around skiing and snowmobiling, I have the pictures to prove that is far from the truth! There are so many more adventures to be had right along the same mountains. Enter Cranmore Mountain Adventure Park located in North Conway. Like several other parks we’d been to they had a mountain coaster which we’ve become very fond of as well as other unique rides. These aren’t the types of things you’d find at a typical amusement park. It’s fun and refreshing!

I personally love the mountain coasters because you can control how fast you go which makes it great for the skittish! Plus, the views are just awesome! Generally you take a slow ride up the side of the mountain and then you are free to control your speed on the way down.  Good addicting fun!

Among all of the fun rides and adventures located at this park, my son perhaps was most intrigued with their Aerial Adventure Park. Admittance to this part of the park has a separate admission, so be sure to check rates ahead of time. This summer my son has really braved up and tried some things that we’re even a little shy to try. So, he totally went for it! It took us parents a little getting used to seeing him way up in the trees, climbing up here… swinging over there! But before the kids are allowed up, they have plenty of safety gear on and are taught all of the rules and how-tos which we also made sure to listen to. He did really great way up there!

After experiencing the obstacles,  he actually ziplined too! He had been wanting to try it, but finally built up the courage at this park which was the perfect place to “get his feet wet”. It worked out because they have obstacles suitable for a variety of ages and levels and he was able to take it slow and see if he was comfortable way up there to do it! We were so proud of him! He literally had the time of his life, can you tell?

He absolutely can’t wait to go visit again! The location is wonderful, as it’s right in North Conway, New Hampshire where there are plenty of places to stay… if may I suggest Cranmore Inn? Its right around the corner, the perfect location for visiting the park and right in the center of all the activity in the area.

Want to visit Cranmore Mountain Adventure Park? You can save money on tickets if you purchase them online. They are located at 1 Skimobile Road in North Conway, New Hampshire.

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