Jumping 30 Feet and Other Fun at Adventure Zone

We were guests of Adventure Zone at Okemo Mountain Resort, all excitement and opinions are mine.

Just in case you thought heading out to Vermont was only a winter thing, I am here to yell “whoa it’s not even funny how many things there are to do all year”! We recently stayed at Jackson Gore Village at Okemo Mountain Resort and let me tell you, this place has it all and then some. One of the great things that makes the place a very well rounded family resort is that they have so many fun activities for every age right there in your reach. Adventure Zone is located right at the resort, literally. We could walk out of our room and straight down to unravel all of the fun to be had.  The kids will just go crazy over having an adventure park in the Jackson Gore Village if you stay there. If you aren’t staying at their resort, no worries because you can actually buy a pass for the day or tickets and tours.

The Adventure Zone at Okemo Mountain Resort #Travel #Okemo mountain coaster rockclimbing

We spent only one day enjoying Adventure Zone and I feel like we got more adventure in than we’ve had all year put together! So, you are probably wondering what exactly do they have to offer?

How about a bungee trampoline, a mountain coaster, wall climbing, mini golf and for the truly adventurous you can zip line, take their Segway tour or jump 30 feet into their AMP Energy Big Air Bag!  I planned to have lots of fun on our visit to Okemo Valley in Vermont, but I didn’t know I’d have to stomach watching my son jump 30 feet onto the air bag over 30 times! He totally fell in love, it was one of the most exciting things that he’s ever done to date!  The jump is not for all, it’s not even funny how many adults and kids alike climbed all the way up there and chickened out. While we were playing mini golf, this one kid went up there about 10 times and kept climbing back down. But, kudos to him, he finally braved the jump!

This is just something you have to see to fully envision this loooong jump! I recorded Joey jumping, check it out:

What were my favorite things to do? Ah, I totally fell in love with their Mountain Coaster aka “The Timber Ripper”. Its sort of like a roller coaster, BUT you control your speed as you zoom back down the mountain. I hadn’t been on any rides lately, so this was really appealing. It didn’t take time for me to get comfortable though, I was flying down that mountain like nobody’s business. What a rush! The ride up to the top of the mountain is absolutely gorgeous and scenic, you get a beautiful view of the greenery and grounds. We went on the perfect day too, the sky was blue and everything was lush and bright.

segway amp energy minigolf

My #1 favorite adventure? Their SegwayPT tour! Have you been on a Segway? What true fun! They’re those upright 2-wheeled thingies (pictured above on the left). First off, our guide Chris was amazing! His patience, friendliness, knowledge and excitement was viral. Since it was our first time using them, he spent quite a bit of time teaching us how to use them and helping us practice before we ventured out into the woods. I give him a lot of credit because I was the worst! I fell off twice trying to get up hills, I totally panicked! He promptly calmed me down and helped me learn how to do it! It was invigorating! The whole family loved it and we can’t stop talking about it. It’s definitely a must try!

Don’t worry about getting hungry while you are there spending the day, the tempting smells from the Waffle Cabin will lure you in for a treat. They offer freshly-baked belgian sugar waffles or you can enjoy one of the many other dining options on the property. While our son was feverishly jumping off the big air bag, my hubby and I grabbed a bite to eat at Coleman Brick Tavern. We dined outdoors and could watch Joey from where we were seated. We dubbed this a date and soaked up the beauty around us together, quite romantic indeed. We both had their Summer Salad which was totally amazing. So amazing, that we’ve been eating our mock version of theirs since we’ve been home. The most beautiful and fresh produce we’ve had in awhile! Yay Summer!

Excited yet? Get more info and pricing details for Adventure Zone.

Would you jump 30 into the AMP Energy Air Bag?

What is the most adventurous thing you’ve done?


  1. I think the gentle Segway or golf is more my speed than the real adrenaline junkie stuff, hee hee! This place looks like a lot of fun – they have a ton of stuff to do.

    The most adventurous thing I’ve ever done, hmm – I traveled France by myself without knowing the language, people tell me they think that was pretty adventurous.

    • The Segway was totally out of this world!

      I would say going to France solo is TOTALLY adventurous, WOW!

  2. i had no idea okemo did this! i need to get my head OUT of the sand. looks like TONS of fun!

  3. I would like to try our zipline. It’s not that big, but it would be an adventure for me!

  4. Wow, everything looks so fun! I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to jump off onto the air bag – though I have sky dived and bungee jumped..

  5. Looks like you guys had a blast.. Love all the different activities available; I bet my Teen’s would LOVE to rock climb … mhh we haven’t finalized our summer vacation… may check out Vermont… thanks for sharing you now have me thinking 🙂

  6. It looks like a lot of fun but nope, there is no way I would have done that!

  7. That places looks like FUN. I want to JUMP!

  8. How FUN! My goodness so much to do there!!! Joey jumped 30 times?!??! Oh, I know I would have fallen of that segway, too… no doubt!

    • Yup! 30 times.. at least!

      Yeah, not a proud moment for me.. ha ha! But at least I was able to brush it off and get back on!

  9. Oh wow, that looks like so much fun! The whole family would get a kick out of that place.

  10. This looks like so much fun!!! I’d love to do this some day. I’m adding it to my travel list so if we are ever in the area we can visit.

  11. I would DEFINITELY jump into the air bag. I’m not a thrill seeker, but I won’t shy away from it if it’s in front of me. I just go for it! FUN place!

  12. I love Vermont! I lived there one summer and it was awesome.

  13. Wow, that looks incredible!

  14. What a lot of fun! I’d definitely do the jump…but with my eyes closed!

  15. allyson becker says:

    This would absolutely terrify me. I am so scared of heights. But I admire your courage.


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