We stood at the top of Mount Washington!

We were guests of Mt. Washington Auto Road tour, all opinions are my own.

That’s right, we bravely climbed rode in style all the way to the tippy top of Mount Washington! We clung tight to our seats as our tour guide from the Mt. Washington Auto Road filled our heads with a tremendous wealth of information about the mountain. I honestly can’t believe what a wimp I am… if you could have seen me, I was probably as white a ghost the whole ride up. Imagine that and I wasn’t even climbing my way up? My son who even went ziplining at Cranmore surprisingly was a bit freaked out too as we trekked higher and higher. 6, 288 feet above sea level is pretty darn high up there, ya know?

Our tour guide was so fabulous, he assured us that he would get us up and down the mountain safely. By the sounds of everything he told us about the mountain and his years spent giving tours, I’d say he certainly knew what he was talking about. He was pretty awesome and all of the info he gave us was intriguing! Their Guided Stage Tours are two hours long, giving you one whole hour at the top of the summit. You can also opt to drive yourself up the mountain in your own vehicle, but after taking a tour… I’d definitely recommend opting for it to maximize the experience. Also, we heard driving down does a number on your brakes!

There is much to do once you arrive at the summit including visiting the Mt. Washington Museum where you will learn even more about history and the crazy weather on the mountain.  Then, of course you must climb up to the tippy top to snap a pic to prove you’ve been to the top of the mountain!

The views up to the summit are breathtaking and we’ve learned that they can vary greatly. What you get to see today, you may not see tomorrow. By the time we got to the top it was very cloudy and misty… it had a mystical feel to it. It’s been said the this mountain is home of the worlds worst weather! Matter of fact, back in 1934 the highest winds that were ever observed my man were recorded at a whopping 231 miles per hour!

If you care for a unique adventure and huge learning opportunity, be sure to book a tour with Mt. Washington Auto Road located at 1 Mount Washington Auto Road in Gorham, NH. Right across from the base of the mountain. You’ll leave with a head full of interesting info and a camera loaded with awesome photos!

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  1. What a great view! We have a mt washington hear in pittsburgh too but its not nearly as tall

  2. That is really cool! We went to the top of a couple of mountains in Costa Rica and I freaked out, too! We also just saw the Grand Canyon, and I was surprised at how close people get to the edge for pics! Not me!

    • Oh good, glad I am not alone in this! I don’t think I could stomach getting close to the edge of the Grand Canyon either.. noooo way! Must be beautiful from a distance too, lol! 😉

  3. katherine says:

    My Husband love the outdoors and is planning to Mt. Washington in the future. I going to have to send him this post he really apperciate the information in it.

  4. I lived in NH for 2 years nd never got there.
    My husband is from NH and has been there, he says it’s beautiful.

  5. What an amazing view! I am not sure I would be brave enough to do that though. Heights are not my forte!