Northeast ATV Tour: An Exciting View of Mt. Washington Valley

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Visiting the Mt. Washington Valley in New Hampshire has definitely been the highlight of my summer thus far.  There is so much to take in and it simply starts with the nature all around you. The beautiful mountain backdrop and the fresh green everywhere you look, you can see people enjoying what the area has to offer, whether you see someone backpacking or riding bikes… the evidence of a truly special region is all around.

Northeast ATV Tour: An Exciting View of Mt. Washington Valley


On our trip, we actually took a tour right up to the summit of Mt. Washington, which was a total must do if you visit the area. But, I was also pleasantly surprised at the amazing and unique views that we took in on a 2 hour ATV tour with Northeast ATV.  First off, Ray Bergeron(co-owner and ATV guide extraordinaire) was seriously awesome! He got us prepped and on the road in a flash. We got to ride in one of their newest, state of the art ATVs!

This thing can actually ride ON the road and off road.. okay, how awesome??

So, we were able to literally leave from the shop… drive through the regular paved roads and right on through to the ATV trails.  I don’t like to swear in written word, but this was completely BADASS!

Most of our tour was spent cruising through Jericho Mountain State Park which is miles of trail only used for riding for ATV, UTV, trail bike, and snowmobiles. It was a treasure trove of fabulous views and unique finds. Our first find was this awesome remote waterfall that Ray took us to see. It was so breathtaking, it really feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere.  Just us… and nature. Beautiful!
Northeast ATV Tour: An Exciting View of Mt. Washington Valley

The trails consist of all different terrains from more rocky and hilly to more flat and smooth. He took us on a variety of the trails and of course took us to see some of the more breathtaking scenes available at the park!  This is one of my favorite snapshots from our tour. I love the contrast of the distant mountains against the pretty colors in the sky.

Northeast ATV Tour #mtwashingtonvalley #NH

My beloved hubby and son had a blast too, can you tell? I love this pic! It just seems like such a surreal environment there, I won’t be forgetting it anytime soon.

Northeast ATV Tour #mtwashingtonvalley #NH

This was another little hidden treasure that Ray showed us. It was kind of like a little secret spot that he remembered from childhood. It is actually concealed, you have to get off the ATV to get in and see this little mystical spot.

Northeast ATV Tour #mtwashingtonvalley #NH

I am sure that I painted a pretty picture about all of the awesome views and nature you’ll take in on the ATV tour, but don’t let me fool you! You will probably get wet, dirty and possibly eat bugs (see below).  It is definitely part of the fun and adventure! This was by far the best puddle we splashed through… and muddy water doesn’t taste as bad as I thought it would.

Northeast ATV Tour #mtwashingtonvalley #NH

You MUST do this if you ever plan a trip to Mt. Washington Valley. Promise me you will?  I just have two tips for ya! Keep your mouth SHUT while riding in the front seat of an ATV otherwise you will eat bugs. I only had four, but that was good enough for me. Then, make sure that your camera lense is dry after flying through puddles (like the one above) before you take a photo of the most beautiful thing you’ve seen all day! You will thank me!

Northeast ATV Tour #mtwashingtonvalley #NH

Want to book your tour? Get more info at or call 1-800-458-1838!

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299 Main st (route 2 & 16)
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25 minutes north of North Conway on Route 16


What is the most exciting thing you’ve done this summer?



  1. That sure does look like fun! I think going to the summit of Mt. Washington would be super cool.

    • I hope you can make it down sometime, you will not be disappointed! And.. I need to get to Texas one of these days 😉

  2. Those views are just beautiful! It looks like this would be a LOT of fun!

  3. Those falls are gorgeous!! The ATV would be so much fun!!

  4. This looks like an amazing trip and some great pictures! I bet it would be so much fun

  5. Gorgeous scenery! This looks like fun. All my exciting summer moments so far have been work-related…I am so boring! LOL!

  6. Ray Bergeron says:

    Thanks for all the great comments! it’a a joy to share our area, with such great people from all over the world. Enjoy the ride.
    Ray Bergeron
    Northeast ATV and Snowmobile Rental

  7. Stephanie G says:

    Wow, what beautiful land, the waterfall is unreal! It looks like everyone had a great time, if I am ever in New Hampshire I’ll definitely keep this tour in mind!