Orange Creamsicle Frozen Pops Recipe

I have to admit that I’m developing a bit of an obsession with making my own frozen “popsicles”. With Spring in the air, it’s the perfect time to start playing around with some ideas for those long warm days. I still have some experimenting to do with this recipe, but they are definitely a “B” so far. I’ve never tried making any kind of “creamsicle” recipe until now, so on that note, these were different and pretty fun. Perfect for a little treat now and again and my son liked them too.

orange creamsicle recipe

Upon pillaging through my mom’s old recipe box, I found this recipe for Weight Watchers. The original recipe calls for sugar free pudding and gelatin, but I personally can’t stand artificial sweeteners so I decided to use regular versions of the stuff. It also called for 2 small pudding cups, but I used 1 whole box of the regular stuff. It worked out pretty nicely and of course you could do the lighter version if you don’t mind the sugar free tastes.

With only 4 ingredients, this is super easy to whip up for a nice refreshing treat!


What are your favorite frozen treats?


  1. Oh yum these look good!

  2. Great for the summer time! My kids would really like these.

  3. mmm I have always loved cremsicles so thank you for sharing this recipe :) must make them now!

  4. Fun AND yum!

  5. Fun! My kiddos will enjoy making these as the temperatures warm up! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Summer is just around the corner – will definitely have to make these!!


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