Kobo Mini: Perfect eReader for Travel

From time to time Adventure Yum is provided with travel products and services for review purposes. The opinions expressed about the Kobo Mini for travel are my own. As exciting as traveling is, the getting here to there part isn't always that thrilling. Napping is a pretty good solution to kill the time, but there indeed some really wonderful options on there for entertainment in transit. We've been going on a lot of road trips lately and … [Read more...]

Eggs-periment: Baked Eggs and Toast Cups Recipe

I just had a super scrumptious breakfast and I am sad that I never made this before!  Hubby just can't live without eggs for breakfast, so  I'm always looking to try new things.  And, this also feeds my addiction to baking stuff in muffin tins. Totally can't get enough of it. Several of the breakfast recipes that I experimented with included separately preparing the eggs and using the "cups"  to hold them. I thought, what if I could actually bake … [Read more...]

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Jackson Gore at Okemo Mountain Resort

Over Memorial Day weekend, we were guests at Okemo Mountain Resort, all opinions are mine. We had such a wonderful time visiting Okemo Valley in Vermont this Spring. The weather didn't completely cooperate for the first portion, but we had one of the most perfect days of the season right before we left. The sky was a perfect blue and the air seemed so fresh and clean. I miss it already!  It was our first time visiting the area, so we really … [Read more...]

Cooking with Her: Traditional Puerto Rican Sofrito Recipe

Food can bring families together, it is always a common ground. Spending a day in someone's kitchen can open a world of possibilities. You can learn so much more than just how to cook, it's a window to a whole new world. Maybe even a window into their soul. Lately, I've been really thinking about my dear Grandmother who is no longer with us. I have so much regret. I ask myself why I didn't take more initiative to learn from her, take time to ask … [Read more...]

American Baking Competition on CBS: Exclusive Interview with Marcela Valladolid and Carlo Fuda

Did you tune in to the first episode of American Baking Competition on CBS? I am utterly addicted to watching cooking shows... especially competitions.  Totally love watching people create unbelievable things especially when faced with odd ingredients or surreal time limits. What I love about this competition is that that the contestants are passionate baking amateurs, so maybe I can relate to them just a little. I know I could NOT work under all … [Read more...]