Perfect Family Resort in Dennis Port, Cape Cod: Corsair and Cross Rip

We were provided complimentary stay at Corsair and Cross Rip for review purposes, all opinions are my own.
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Living in New England, I’ve had plenty of family vacations out in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. My aunt and uncle owned a vacation home out there for a number of years, it was wonderful. If you’ve never visited, you should add it to your must visit places list.  In short, it’s a beautiful stretch of land, or rather a peninsula surrounded by miles of beautiful ocean.  We recently visited for a couple of days and had such a wonderful time at Corsair and Cross Rip located in Dennis Port, Cape Cod. It is the most family friendly resort that we’ve ever stayed at and the location is completely breath taking because they literally have their own private beach!

When we arrived, we received a very friendly and warm welcome from the staff. Once we had our key and made a plan for dinner, this was our first view of the beach as we headed to our room. Beautiful!

Corsair and Cross Rip #Dennisport #CapeCod

Once we arrived in our room, I was speechless. I knew the resort was family friendly from what I’d heard, but seeing is believing. The room we stayed in was much more than just a room, it had everything we would need and want for a comfortable family vacay.  This was my first time staying at a resort that actually had full kitchen ammenities. Not to mention the cabinets were well stocked with pots, pans, cups, plates and silverware.  There was a microwave, toaster oven and a fridge!

Corsair and Cross Rip #Dennisport #CapeCod

The bedroom area was very spacious. Our room had 2 beds and a very large TV. The room even has music CDs and BluRay movies in it already for your listening and viewing pleasure AND you can even borrow more from the “office”. Talk about having the comforts of home while away! I thought this was such a unique touch, we were all really impressed.

Corsair and Cross Rip #Dennisport #CapeCod

There was also plenty of drawer space and a closet for stowing away your clothing and belongings.

Corsair and Cross Rip #Dennisport #CapeCod

There was also a nice little room towards the back with a little table and couch. You could close the area off which is great especially when the kids go to sleep, if you wanted a little privacy or in my case, need to do a little work on the computer. Another fabulous feature about this room is that there is a deck that overlooks the pool AND the beach!

Corsair and Cross Rip #Dennisport #CapeCod

This was our view from the deck! Gorgeous and inspiring!  Of course it was a bit early for the pool to be open because it’s still a little chilly on the Cape at this time of year, but can you imagine? When the pool is open, they offer water and lemon poolside for guests!

You can view the private beach and ocean from both sides of this resort room. The sounds of the waves hitting the shore is just a wonderful thing!

Corsair and Cross Rip #Dennisport #CapeCod

The bathroom was immaculate and well stocked with essentials.

Corsair and Cross Rip #Dennisport #CapeCod

It even had a whirlpool tub complete with spa oils that you can use! We each had our chance to relax in the tub, such an awesome thing to have in your hotel room!

Corsair and Cross Rip #Dennisport #CapeCod

As I mentioned before, one of the best things about the resort’s location is that it is on a private beach. That means only people staying at the resort can use the beach which equates into AWESOMENESS!

Corsair and Cross Rip #Dennisport #CapeCod

We really took advantage of visiting earlier in the season, we had the beach all to ourselves, it was wonderful!

Corsair and Cross Rip #Dennisport #CapeCod

If the beach and other activities in Dennis Port haven’t taken all of your time, the Corsair and Cross Rip has a wonderful game room where we spent a lot of time. You can pick up a game back at the front office packed with all the fun things you’ll need such as ping pong rackets!  The game room has a very large TV, movies, books, an air hockey table and also a room designated for the smaller kids with toys for toddlers. They also offer free popcorn daily in the game room, very cool.

Corsair and Cross Rip #Dennisport #CapeCod

Under the game room, they have yet another pool. This one is indoors. My son absolutely loved it. It even has a basketball hoop to play with.

Corsair and Cross Rip #Dennisport #CapeCod

If you happen to visit during the quiet season, you’ll get to also enjoy a complimentary breakfast. Everything was scrumptious and fresh. We really enjoyed it.  They even offer trays that you can take back to your room! This is perfect for families with little ones.

Corsair and Cross Rip #Dennisport #CapeCod

We had such an amazing time at Corsair and Cross Rip, they really go above and beyond to provide the perfect and comfortable stay for families. The staff was beyond nice and helpful. If you are planning a family vacation, I would highly recommend staying there. It’s the kind of place that you’ll want to be a regular visitor of!


Visiting Cape Cod? Check out the Corsair and Cross Rip website for more information or to book a room!

Corsair and Cross Rip is located at 41 Chase Avenue, Dennis Port, Massachusetts.

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  1. What an amazing place! I love the full kitchen and that you can make the small area private so you work while the kids sleep. The color in the bathroom is lovely as well. Most places stick with neutral tones – it’s so nice to see a splash of color. I also love how close it is to the private beach and your views were beautiful!

    Definitely adding this resort to our list for the next time we are in Cape Cod!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful place to get away from it all!

  3. Seriously, a full kitchen would be SO nice! I haven’t ever stayed at a hotel with one!

  4. That looks like a gorgeous place to vacation! I’ve never been there, but it’s not terribly far away so I really should go sometime!

  5. very pretty, looks relaxing

  6. How cool! I love the location and how nice everything looks, especially the bathtub!

  7. Matthew's Mom says:

    We look for child-friendly places. This looks really nice!

  8. That place is amazing! I’d love to stay somewhere that big.

  9. wow what a beautiful place to stay! looks like a fun family vacation :)_

  10. ooh my gosh! i want to goooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    i still can’t believe i live in ct and 2/3 of my kids haven’t been to the beach ever, and my oldest wasn’t yet 2. we need to go.

  11. I love that easy access to the private beach, and I think I’d spend my evenings out there on the deck just looking over the ocean!