Puerto Rican Inspired Chicken Rub Recipe

It's grilling season and I do have to openly admit, I am not much of an experimental griller. I tend to stick to the tried and true basics. But, in the spirit of trying new things and tickling my husbands taste buds, I've been playing around a bit. As you may know, I spent the day cooking with my mother in law recently where she taught me a bit about her traditional Puerto Rican cooking. She also generously shared her fresh Sofrito recipe with … [Read more...]

Cooking with Her: Traditional Puerto Rican Sofrito Recipe

Food can bring families together, it is always a common ground. Spending a day in someone's kitchen can open a world of possibilities. You can learn so much more than just how to cook, it's a window to a whole new world. Maybe even a window into their soul.┬áLately, I've been really thinking about my dear Grandmother who is no longer with us. I have so much regret. I ask myself why I didn't take more initiative to learn from her, take time to ask … [Read more...]