Top 3 Reasons to Choose Jackson Gore at Okemo Mountain Resort

Over Memorial Day weekend, we were guests at Okemo Mountain Resort, all opinions are mine. We had such a wonderful time visiting Okemo Valley in Vermont this Spring. The weather didn't completely cooperate for the first portion, but we had one of the most perfect days of the season right before we left. The sky was a perfect blue and the air seemed so fresh and clean. I miss it already!  It was our first time visiting the area, so we really … [Read more...]

Discover History, Good Eats and Adventure in Okemo Valley, Vermont

So, guess where we spent Memorial Day weekend? We had only been to Vermont once very briefly a couple of years ago and we'd been wanting to spend a little more time there to discover more of that it had to offer.  It made for the perfect weekend road trip and I can't believe we've been missing out on this little gem that is jam packed with wonderful things to do from historical places to visit, unbelievable adventures to true culinary delight. I … [Read more...]

Jumping 30 Feet and Other Fun at Adventure Zone

We were guests of Adventure Zone at Okemo Mountain Resort, all excitement and opinions are mine. Just in case you thought heading out to Vermont was only a winter thing, I am here to yell "whoa it's not even funny how many things there are to do all year"! We recently stayed at Jackson Gore Village at Okemo Mountain Resort and let me tell you, this place has it all and then some. One of the great things that makes the place a very well rounded … [Read more...]