Waffle Cup Sundae Recipe

Nothing says summer like a delicious ice cream sundae, no? There is something simply magical in the frosty stuff. I recently made these easy waffle cups to serve up for breakfast, which worked out brilliantly. As I was writing up that post, I had a little brainstorm. These waffle cups needed to be tried with ice cream in them and so I made it happen right away. Can you blame me? The waffle cups are ridiculously easy to make and you can really use … [Read more...]

Easy Breakfast Idea: Waffle Cups Recipe

It's spring time and my favorite time of the year to enjoy brunch between and special breakfast recipes with May Day and Mother's Day, yum. ¬†I have been experimenting with all different types of food recipes baked in muffin tins. I just think it's that fun, now that I am all grown up... I can play with my food, right? ¬†Waffles toast up really nicely in the oven to form these awesome portable cups. The possibilities of fillings are endless, add … [Read more...]