Colorful View on Cliff Walk in Newport, RI

We visited Newport, Rhode Island in April. We spent some time on the Cliff Walk. With the daffodils in bloom, I found the most amazing photo opportunity. I am a rookie with my camera, but I enjoy playing with the settings.  I took the photo in several different tones, make sure to scroll down to see the actual colors, they are gorgeous and vibrant. 

Want to visit the Cliff Walk, get more information on the Go Newport website. It’s a gorgeous place to walk and take in nature!


  1. This is where I live!!! Best place ever!

  2. That’s so pretty! I would love to visit.

  3. that is pretty cool

  4. Very pretty! I love what you did with that photo!

  5. Beautiful!!! And great photography!!

  6. So Beautiful!!!

  7. Thanks Shari 😉

  8. Love the photos, Newport RI is next summer’s place to visit.

    • Thanks! Newport is a wonderful place to visit! Wonderful things to do and perfect photo opps 😉