Winemaking in Rhode Island: A Visit to Newport Vineyards

Complimentary admission was provided for a tour of Newport Vineyards, opinions are mine.

I am not a big wine drinker at all, however my husband is. Okay, I kind of never really drink wine, but I’ve always wanted to visit a vineyard. I find the whole process of winemaking really intriguing. Plus, I find it pretty amazing that wine is being made from scratch locally in Rhode Island at Newport Vineyards. It was the perfect tour for my hubby and I to experience together. We also took part in a wine tasting after the tour, it was our first time doing something like that together, so it was well worth the experience. This would make for a smokin hot and affordable date idea if you’re looking for one! Whisk your sweetie away for an hour of pure romance.
IMG_3243The first portion of the tour was of the actual vineyard. I just love how awesome the rows of strategically planted grape trees look. I really need to head back there when the grapes are developed, that must look so cool! Our tour guide told us the reasons that they plant the way they do and told us about some of the different varieties of grapes that they grow and which wines they are used in. Newport Vineyards is located on what’s known as Aquidneck Island. We learned so much about the growing process from start to finish. I was really surprised to also learn that the area is one of the most desirable farming areas in the country due to the unique climate that is conducive to growing and then making good wine.

We also learned about some of the processes that take place after the grapes are picked as well. We got to see some of the very large equipment used in the processing. We were amazed at how many processes and the time that goes into making wine. So much to learn!

You’ll have to excuse that I don’t remember any of the technical names of the equipment used, you don’t mind right? Of course, you’ll probably want to book your own tour so you can learn about them for yourself 😉 This next thingamabob is the bottling and capping of the wine. It looked like a seriously intense machine! I would have loved to see it in action!

IMG_3241These next thingys are where the wine goes through some more processes. These were so humongous!


I found the fermentation process to be really interesting. We got to learn about the different types of barrels that are used and what the process is for different varieties of wine. They use 75% French oak barrels for fermentation of their Chardonnay and for aging their red wines. That doesn’t mean much to this wine noob, but I thought you might like to know! IMG_3240
After the vineyard tour, you can take part in an optional wine tasting like we did. We got to choose several types of their wine to sample. Since I know little about wine, my hubby and I settled on the types we would sample together. It was really fun! Then, of course if you taste something that you love you can purchase it and take it right home with you. Pretty cool! We decided to purchase a bottle of the wine that we both enjoyed and that was their Crystal Blue, Sweet Red Wine. We are purposely saving it for our next date night “staycation”.
Want to experience something fun and unique? Find out more about the tours, sampling and events at Newport Vineyards.

Do you enjoy wine?

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  1. That looks awesome! I love that pic of the grapevines. This makes me laugh because my hubby took me on a “hot date” to a wine tasting…. yeah… ended with me pretty much falling on my face! I get a little too happy from wine!

  2. what a fun experience. I have a few friends that love to go to vineyards like this

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhh, best day EVER! a grownup field trip!! woot! i love it! and i could go to this 🙂

  4. Matthew's Mom says:

    I’ve never been on a tour like this before, but I want to go!

  5. I swear, Dawn, you are making me want to visit Newport!

  6. Oh how fun! I’d love to do this. I visited a cognac distillery in the town of Cognac in France and I’ll never forget it. I’d love to see a wine vineyard someday!

  7. I love wine, although I’m no expert. I would thoroughly enjoy seeing how the process works. So cool!

  8. How cool is this! Now I want to visit the vineyard. Road trip time!